Keep Watch Over Your Property.

Protect your business with a CCTV system installation today. Located in Reno, NV and serving all surrounding areas.

Do you know who's coming to your door? You can get the information you need with a CCTV system installation. Northern Nevada Low Voltage can install surveillance cameras around your property so you can keep an eye on your walkways, driveway and front door.

Our surveillance system installation works in both daylight and at night, so you can protect your house or business at all hours. Our equipment is designed for outdoor use and resists weathering and severe temperatures.

Contact us today at 775-800-6381 to schedule a CCTV system installation. Located in Reno, NV and serving all surrounding areas.

The Benefits of a CCTV System

The Benefits of a CCTV System


  • Security for family, property and business
  • Reliable systems that are able to be viewed remotely on a personal device for added convenience and peace of mind
  • Evidence of quality footage in the event something happens

If you ever need to see something that happened on your property, you’ll have a recording to view and share as needed.

Protect your home or business with a surveillance system installation.